Questions and Answers on Islamic Doctrine

Questions and Answers on Islamic Doctrine

Chapter 2: Belief in Prophets and Missions

Question 15: Why should Muhammad (pbuh) be considered the last Prophet while Jesus Christ will reappear?

Answer 15: Muhammad (pbuh) is actually the last of all prophets, according to what he siad.  The descent of Jesus Christ (pbuh) from heaven is not a new mission.  It is a return whose aim is to reinforce Islam and its shari’a (Islamic laws and rules) our prophet called for, and the last celestial techings.  This is clear in his words: “The coming of Jesus is imminent.  He will come as a just ruler, destroy the cross, and nullify the poll tax.  There would be so much money that no one would accept charity.”[1]  In another long hadith, he says: “…He (Jesus Christ) will call peope to Islam and God would abolish all religions leaving Islam alone.”[2]

It is quite obvious from the above evidences that whatever Jesus Christ preaches is nothing but Islam and the law of Muhammad (peace be upon them both).  He will even pray behind a Muslim.  The Prophet says: “How will you be when the son of Mary (Jesus Christ) descends among you, while you are praying behind an imam (a prayer leader) from among you?”[3]

Muslim scholars referred to the return of Jesus Christ (pbuh) at the end of time.  They mentioned that his return will be especially significant to:

1. Empashize the facts of Islam as preached by Prophet Muhammad (pbuh);

2. Reply to the claims of the Jews and the Christians as to his death, crucifixion.;

3. His return indicates the approach of the end of his life and his his burial.

4. The Prophet’s report about Jesus Christ must be the truth, because it is something that had been revealed to him from God.


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