Questions and Answers on Islamic Doctrine

Questions and Answers on Islamic Doctrine

Chapter 2: Belief in Prophets and Missions

Question 06: What is the indisputable evidence that the teachings of Muhammad have all come from God?

Answer 06: There are numerous irrefutable evidences indicating that such teachings originated from God Almighty. Here are some:

1. All that has been enjoined, and denied, can be found highly propitious and useful to all mankind, everywhere and at any time. They are commensurate with sound mind and the chaste insight. Examples are commandments on solidifying family ties, preserving superior moral qualities, avoiding usury and all misdemeanors. All that the Prophet (pbuh) has been told in inspiration has been proved valid. Such material falls in two categories:

A. Pertaining to the past. These are corroborated by former books as well as authenticated evidence confirmed by science and modern discoveries, e.g. findings in geology as the era of the deluge, in archeology as the relics from the epochs of Thamud and the Pharaos.

B. Pertaining to the future. Certain incidents were predicted by the Prophet (pbuh), e.g. the fire which blasted Medina in 654 Hijra, the good offices performed by Hasan ibn Ali Abi Talib in reconcilating between two major factions of Muslim, the gathering of the Jews in Palestine today, the emergence of nudist women who earn their living in immodest ways, and the spread of usury, corruption, murder, etc.

C. Evidences derived from the Prophet’s (pbuh) own life and morals, a study of both of which can only confirms that such actions can never emerge except from one who is both true and honest.  Whoever considers God’s support of His prophet (pbuh), the victory over his enemies, and the spread of his religion, must come to the conclusion that this prophet was sustained by God and that all he preached had come from the Almighty.

D. Some contemporary scientific discoveries support the Prophet’s (pbuh) tenets, e.g. stages of the life of the embryo, the way in which milk comes into being in the mammals, the existence of the aquarian barrier between two adjacent seas, the fact that the Dead Sea is the nethermost place on earth, etc.

E. The miracles performed by him: these were simultaneously witnessed by both his followers and antagonists, e.g. the fissure of the moon surface, the springing of water from his fingers, the healing of the sick, etc. His greatest miracle remains the glorious Qur’an that has proved the authenticity of its contents over the ages.