Questions and Answers on Islamic Doctrine

Questions on Sects and Schools of Thoughts

Chapter 4: Questions on Sects and Schools of Thoughts


Question 28: If Islam is viable for all times and places, why is that Muslims are the world’s most backward people today?

Answer 28: It is a fact that Islam is valid for all times and places.  Islamic civilization flourished for many centuries, especially at a time when the rest of the world was steeped in ignorance and backwardness.  The west learnt a great deal and benefitted from the Islamic culture.  The west built upon this past at the time Muslims became materialistic and lost their spiritual and civilizational focus.  The backwardness of contemporary Muslims is the fault of Muslims not of Islam.  Their backwardness is due to their deviation from Islamic teachings.  However, Muslims still have the potential and the ability to achieve civilizational greatness.  They have the elements of strength and progress.  God gave us teachings to follow, and granted us geographical, natural and human resources.  If we build upon these assets, we can enter into new renaissance, provided that we adhere to the teachings of Islam.  Indeed the future belongs to the God-conscious.  Islam’s future is bright.  And It is a known fact that the achievement of a given system can only be sustained if the right people continue to work for it.